Tommy Fiendish


With a background of street art, tattooing, electronic music and DJing at raves are evident amongst the layers within the paintings.  They frequently reference classical imagery which carries a romance, placing them in contemporary paradoxical situations, often with a twist of macabre drollery.

Observations on daily contemporary living, social injustice and environmental collapse appear throughout the work. In this global pandemic we now see conflict between the engines of science and religion, struggles with confused leadership, corruption and self-interest. I find my paintings focus on these concerns; they become social documents, referencing the many ways that perceived power in images can be used to direct and control freedom of thinking and expression.

Skull vomiting cats

Top quality print on aluminium dibond

64cm high
124cm wide
4cm deep

Graphic design by artists Tommy Fiendish, a large skull has dozens of cats emitting from its open jaws, a composition of black and white and colour. built up from collage of magazine cut outs.

Hooked apple (Summer in the City)


90.5cm high
87cm wide
5cm deep


Signed edition of 10

paintinb by tommy fiendish, bright colours, graffiti, stairwell, classical architecture, squat, dystopia

Flamingo on spiral

Top quality print on aluminium dibond

80cm high
60cm wide
1.5cm deep

Print version of a Painting by Tommy Fiendish, vivid colour and fine brushwork, Pink flamingo on spiral staircase, graffiti on walls and black and white tiles.

The remedy stairs part II

Oil on canvas

150cm high
135cm wide
3.5cm deep

Painting called Stairwell by Tommy Fiendish, dol like child riding a demonic rocking horse next to a spiral staircase, graffiti on walls and flamingo on stairs. vivid colour, fine brushwork

Pink divine

Oil on canvas and pink neon
132cm high
72cm wide