Yambe Tam

Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors

MA in painting from the Royal College of Art, BFA Painting/Art History, theory & Criticism, Maryland institute collect of Art, Baltimore, Maryland. Tam develops experimental video games and, ambient sound and sculpture installations that immerse people into other realities. Her process begins with consulting researchers in relevant fields to the project, such as benthic ecology, plant science, and sensory and behavioural ecology to translate these experiences into something humans can understand.


Black Hole Bell

Powder coated steel

‘Black Hole Bell’ has the geometric shape of a wormhole. It conveys the sense of a portal and mirrors the surface of the water, which also acts as a passageway to another world. Made of powder-coated steel in a highly reflective black finish, the sculpture is naturally water-repellent and will reflect the changing light of the sky and surface of the water, creating momentary changes in its design.

Harmonic Resonance

Oil on panel

100cm high
100cm wide
4cm deep

panels 10 x 10 cm each

A further sea II

Gold leaf and oil on panel

90cm high
90cm wide


Artist statement

I make experimental video games and ambient sound and sculpture installations that immerse people in other realities – those that would otherwise be invisible or inaccessible, such as a primordial cosmic landscape, the sensorial experience of other species such as a plankton or a wild bee, and the unknown depths of the sea. I draw upon my personal practice of Soto Zen Buddhism to shape these other worlds into places of contemplation and transcendence – where perspectives shift and audiences explore other ways of being through reconnecting with the primal instinct to explore and play.