Peter Walker

Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors

As a sculptor and artist Peter Walker’s work adorns towns and cities both nationally and internationally. His artwork consists of large-scale sculpture, commissioned and bespoke sculptural works as well as paintings, drawings, film, sound and light installations. Peter has vast experience in artistic direction/project management and large-scale project development. Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.



Symphony of the Bull

‘Symphony of the bull’ was originally made for a presentation for BMW in Munich / Germany. The work is designed to replicate the form and structure of a bull, bringing forth the elegance and rhythms of the anatomy of the creature while creating almost architectural lines. When displayed in the landscape, the materiality of the piece, the lines and elegance of the form and the approachability of the work sit beautifully within nature. The piece reflects the industrialisation of nature and animals, hence the choice of steel and the asymmetric approach. Overall, the combination of graceful lines and natural structures results in a symphony of form.

Artist statement

My work is primarily concerned with three key elements; form the human condition and the development of an honest and personal response to the world I encounter. My concern is with both the vastness of subjects such as peace and conflict, war and politics, nature and the environment, balanced with the personal and sentiments which pervade from the self as an artist. I work with an openness to be able to explore such subjects as they come to me so as not to be fixed to a single defined output or concept. This allows a great deal of fluidity in my working practice and between the stimulus for the work and the material choices for production.