Michael Blow

Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors

Carving his own path

Michael Blow

Blow was initially inspired by the stone carvings of the Zimbabwean art movement known as Shona Sculpture. Awarded qualifications in stone masonry from Bath College, Bow then completed an apprenticeship at the Gloucester Cathedral. His career path enabled him to master the relevant tools and materials. For over 22 years, Michael has worked on stone daily: turning his hand to restoration and commission allowed him to hone his energy, psyche and history into his art. 

Pallisandro bluette stone, pump & water

Meditation Point

This piece is intended to direct the mind towards appreciating the beauty and detail seen in the material itself. With natural veins and different colours, the work resembles a lot of the movements you would see in water, yet replicated solidly in stone. This highlights the connection between everything, in both the natural and human world.

Carboniferous limestone from the mendips

The Second Seeker

Blow was fascinated with a yacht he saw in a Scottish harbour when he was eleven.  He translates this into stone, noting a profound connection between journeys and a material older than life itself: stone. This journey and geology are both represented as one in the seeker we see crawling across the lawn. “This is a piece that evokes the timelessness of the natural world and its underlying geometry. I see it as a creature scuttling across the tundra of ancient geology.” The stone itself is multifaceted and polished to shimmer like light shining down from the ocean surface, it looks like the shadow of the hull of a boat or the silhouette of an unidentifiable animal on the sea bed. 

In his own words

Artist statement

My work is about our relationship to nature science and well being. Meditation point 1 is just that, an opportunity to pause. Drawn in by the form and the natural pattern of the stone the viewer is afforded a chance to consider their place within nature and their effect upon it. Best situated at the surface of the water so it’s reflection shimmers, the work is the top section in the photo. It is fitted with a stainless steel threaded bar and can be attached to a variety of bases (supplied by me). Let me rest, is a work about our exploration of the sea and marine life, initially conceived at a time pre-covid, my intention of this piece was for us to consider leaving the sea alone for a few years and for the viewer to consider their relationship with marine life and resources. The idea of shutting down an entire industry for a couple of years pre-covid was unthinkable..not so much now. The work is not quite finished, I need cut in some scales and finish a bit of carving and fit it to a base, easily done if selected. The second seeker, can come supplied on it’s own base which is a slab of polished marble from the same quarry and would sit well on grass. this is a piece that evokes the timelessness of the natural world and it’s underlying geometry. I see it as a creature scuttling across the tundra of ancient geology. Each of these pieces have sat outside for a few years now and can weather the extremes of our climate well. Aspects of my CV may not be relevant to this exhibition but you get the idea. I wish you the very best of luck putting the exhibition together and I look forward to visiting whether successful or not.