Almuth Tebbenhoff

Vice President of the Royal Society of Sculptors

Born on a farm in Germany – came to England in 1969. Studied Ceramics at Sir John Cass School of Art in London 1972-5. Course in metal fabrication 1985-6. Exhibited across the globe with works in private and public collections. Recently elected Vice President of the Royal Society of Sculptors. Now lives and works in South London in a converted church hall. Her father introduced me to cosmology and that was a strong influence earlier on. I work with steel, chopping industrial angle sections into bits and welding these differently angled pieces into boxes which are freestanding or hang off the wall like giant birdboxes. It makes them appear human, vulnerable, chaotic, and even funny. Tebbenhoff’s work represents the physical expression of a highly personal cosmology, a sustained meditation into the ways in which sculptural form might be made to evoke a yearning for our supernatural bearings

photo by Artiq

Hot zinc treated, painted steel


Tebbenhoff’s work represents the physical expression of a highly personal cosmology, a sustained meditation into the ways in which sculptural form might be made to evoke a yearning for our supernatural bearings. Above all, she seeks to trigger a sense of recognition in the viewer through an appeal to a universal idea of beauty. She is working at a moment when many contemporary artists seem hypnotized by the allure of commodities and this lends her abstract sculpture; a deeper poetic resonance beyond the trivialities of everyday experience.

Dolcezza Mia is part of the ‘Immaterial’ series of three-d frame sculptures which Tebbenhoff has been developing for over 25 years.

“My attempt to hold onto a feeling – a moment that has passed but left an impression. The outline is solid steel but I imagine that there is an invisible substance inside the form, maybe love or longing or an echo of laughter. I based Dolcezza on a bright red lollipop which my friend Julia gave me when we were carving marble in Italy together. Julia always gave people presents and this huge red disc was just so big and silly and it got licked away so the sculpture had to be made about friendship.

Hot zinc treated, painted steel


Tebbenhoff has recently been elected vice president of the Royal Society of Sculptors. She now lives and works in South London, in a converted church hall. Her father introduced her to cosmology – a strong influence in her work and life. She works with stone, ceramics, bronze and steel: chopping industrial angle sectionsinto bits and welding differently angled pieces into boxes, which are freestanding or can hang off walls like giant birdboxes. This makes them appear human, vulnerable, chaotic, and even funny. 

Portuguese marble


“I imagined water in perpetual motion. Covering a globe, then becoming a circle and navigating an obstacle (as we do) then continuing (as we do). I find the shape very satisfying to look at and to touch.”

Artist CV

Upcoming Exhibitions
2023: Solo exhibition at Gallery Pangolin Dates TBD.
2022: Waving Flag in ‘Catch Your Breath’ London Group show at St John’s, Waterloo which opens on the 8th July. Click Here for more information
2022: Sculpture at The Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Show 2022. 19th – 24th July. Click here for more information.
2022: New show with Linden Hall Studios at Goodnestone Park, Goodnestone, in Kent, CT3 1PL openening on the 6th August until 24th September

Current Exhibitions
2022: 3 steel pieces and one marble at “In Harmony” at Broomhill Estate Sculpture gardens 11th June – 30 September. Pieces on display till Spring. Click Here for more information
2022: “Back to The Cave” in Clearwell Caves in The Forest of Dean 22nd May – 17th July. Click Here for More Details
Vertical Strawberry Field at Artist’s studio Southfields 2020 ongoing

Whispers, A secret project with an uncertain outcome – exhibition planned for May 2022 at Dora
House, Royal Society of Sculptors

2021: “A Question of Process” Interview for The London Group. Visit to read more.
2020: Interviewed for Pangolin London’s Artist In Lockdown newsletter. Visit to read more.
2019: Elected Vice President of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

Exhibitions (selection of solo and group)
2021: Red Sunset Stack in the City 10th Edition.
2021: Pulled; To Mars With Love and various drawing at Gallery Pangolin Exhibition “Off the Wall”
2021: Cherry Blossom Rain and Cherry Blossom Drop at Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition and 10Gram Challenge
2021: Of The Sea showing at Pangolin Londond’s Seeds of Change
2021: ‘Coming Up For Air’ London Group and Friends exhibition at St. John’s Church Garden for Waterloo Festival.
2021: ‘In The Dark III’ London Group in the Crypt of St. John’s Church for Waterloo Festival.
2021-21: Who Will Buy My Dark Dark World Pangolin London Gallery installation + drawings in the atrium at Kings Place.
2021: on form unlocked – 2 marble sculptures at Asthall Manor.
2020-21: Lindon Studios Open Exhibition in Deal, Kent.
2020: Waterflow and new sculpture at On Form Show at Asthall Manor.
2020: Installation and performance at Valley of Vision sculpture trail in Shoreham, Kent.
2020: Exhibition with The London Group ImPerfectum show at The Cello Factory, Waterloo.
2019: Parallel Lines at the Lightbox Gallery, Woking.
2019: FreshAir Sculpture show in Quenington and in the Garden Gallery in Broughton.
2019: Curated the Waterloo Festival Sculpture Exhibition ‘Coming Good – Come Hell or High Water’ for The London Group.
2018 – 2019: Solo Show of Related Sculptures and Drawings at Salisbury Museum. Sep – Feb.
2018 – 2019: Waterflow at Salisbury Museum. 6th June – Feb.
2018: Sculpture at Cavendish Square Q Park for Frieze Art Week with the London Group. 5th – 7th Oct.
2018: “Sculptors Maquettes” show at Gallery Pangolin. 1st Oct – 9th Nov.
2018: Contemporary Sculpture with the William Bennington Gallery. 12th May – 20th October.
2018: Talk at Salisbury Museum. 19th Jun.
2018: London Group participating in the Waterloo Festival at St. John’s. 7th – 24th June.
2018: On Form: Exhibition at Asthall Manor. 10th June – 8th July​.
2018: Summer Show at The Garden Gallery. 12th May – 7th July.
2018: To Mars With Love at The Royal Academy 250th Summer Exhibition. 12 June — 19 August.
2018: Exhibiting at the London Art Fair at Candida Stevens Gallery. 17th – 21st Jan.
2017-18: Selected pieces at Studio Expurgamento Exhibition, Camden. 10th Dec. – 14th Jan.
2017: Good Nature at the Candida Stevens Gallery in Chichester. 16th September – 28th Oct
2017: Dissolving Moon at the National Open Art Competition at The Bargehouse. 17th – 26th Nov
2017: Hung Out to Dry at the London Group Open Part 2 at The Cello Factory. 18th Nov – 1st Dec
2017: Artist Talk at the London Group Open at The Cello Factory. 1st December
2017: Making A Mark at the Garden Gallery in Broughton. 13th May 2017 – 8th Jul
2017: Ark at Chester Cathedral curated by Pangolin. 15th July – 15th Oct
2017: Sculpture Trail in Shoreham, Kent, the London Group, 17th and 18th June
2016: Fe2 16 at the Morley Gallery
2015: Sculptors’ Jewellery at Pangolin London
2014: National Open Art Competition, Prizewinner, Somerset House
2014: Sculpture Show Leicester, Botanical Garden of Leicester University
2014: Royal Academy Summer Show, Royal Academy of ARts, Piccadilly
2014: Crucible 2, Gloucester Cathedral – curated by Gallery Pangolin in Chalford, Stroud.
2013: Steel Sculptures, Chelsea Arts Club, London
2013: A Change of Heart, Leicester University Botanical Garden Sculpture Show
2012: Two in One, Gallery Pangolin, Kings Place, London
2012: Interesting Times, Leicester University Botanical Garden Sculpture Show
2012: Sculptors’ Drawings, Gallery Pangolin, Kings Place, London
2010: Gallery Pangolin
2010: Crucible, Gloucester Cathedral – major exhibition by Pangolin
2010: Artdejardin at Wingwell
2009: Woburn Abbey
2009: Sladmore Gallery
2008: Burghley Sculpture Show
2007: Studio Sem artists in the Harold Martin Botanical Garden, Leicester University
2006: All Female Cast, Gallery Pangolin exhibition
2006: STEEL, Group exhibition at 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf
2005: RBS Sculpture exhibition in Leicester Botanical Gardens
2005: Fe2O5, Exhibition of steel sculpture at Myles Meehan Gallery, Darlington
2001: Royal British Society of Sculptors, London
1995: In an Ideal World, Alternative Arts, London
1994: Petrified, Installation on matter in space at Jodrell Bank Science Centre, Cheshire
1993: International Art Centre, Poznan, Poland
1983: Emslandmuseum, Schlo – Clemenswerth, Germany
1990: Before Sculpture – Sculptors’ Drawings, New York Studio School, New York, USA

Short biography
2019: Elected Vice President of the Royal Society of Sculptors
2015: Marble sculpture installed in Hong Kong
2015: First Anguillan Sculpture Symposium on Anguilla in November
2015: London Group Open Prize for steel sculpture
2015: National Open Art Competition Prize for steel wall sculpture
2013: Honorary Doctorate from the University of Leicester
2012–2013: Curated annual Sculpture Exhibitions for Leicester University
2009: Created the ‘Star of London’ award sculpture in bronze for the BFI London Film Festival.
2006: Fondazione Sem Scholarship, working with marble in Pietrasanta, Lucca, Italy
2004: Arts Council England Grant for Sculpture Installation at the Cafe Gallery, Bermondsey, London
2003: Short-listed for Battle of Britain Memorial in central London.
2002: Elected Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors
1998: Commission: several sculptures for Goodwood
1997–2005: Studied life drawing inspired by Cecil Collins
1993–1995: Part-time lecturer at Loughborough College of Art and Design, Loughborough, Leicestershire
1991: Award from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York
1986–1988: Metal fabrication classes at South Thames College, London
1981: Converted church hall to studio in London
1972–1975: Studied ceramics at the Sir John Cass School of Art, London