Lucy Gregory

2021 National Sculpture Prize | Finalist

Material: Stainless Steel and Perspex

Rose Tinted

Rose Tinted is a spinning, wind-activated, kinetic sculpture composed of 16 rose-coloured lenses. It’s an abstracted, exploded disco ball, powered by the natural rhythms of nature and the environment of the Broomhill Estate – the sun casting kaleidoscopic, rosy spotlit circles onto the surroundings on a bright day. 

Mockup for NSP proposal
Digital render for NSP proposal
In situ render

About the piece

Rose Tinted is a spinning kinetic sculpture comprised of 16 pink-ish iridescent lenses that spin on bearings. It is an abstracted, exploded disco ball that is powered by the natural rhythms of nature and the environment of the Broomhill Estate. The wind and participation from the viewer will create momentum for the fluid, spinning coloured surfaces – the sun casting a rosy ever changing kaleidoscope of pink spotlit circles onto the surroundings. It’s a play on the phrase ‘rose tinted glasses’ which implies a childlike optimism and the tendency to see things in a positive light. The work reflects a newfound hope for the future, but with an undertone of interesting tension due to the associations of rosy retrospection, since in this mad world, the future is more likely predicted by the Simpsons than political forecasters as we try and outthinking the future. The piece will also evoke a feel of an abstracted flower, the perspex disks drawing likeness to flowing petals that open and close in a smooth movement. Inspired by Alexander Calder and perpetual motion machines, I want to bring colour, optimism and something slightly fantastical to the landscape of Broomhill to celebrate a turning point in difficult times, and to look ahead for lighter days. This optical device hopefully brings a sense of joy and wonder to people who interact with the work. I have also included laser cut metal hands which will act as clamps to hold the spinning disks in place, and this idea was drawn from the theme of touch, or a lack of, in recent times. The future is about being reunited with friends and loved ones and never taking for granted the time spent together after periods of increased physical distance.