Free Exhibitions at broomhill

The Estate houses a number of exhibitions throughout the hotel and annexe gallery, visitors who do not wish to see the exhibitions without exploring the gardens and national sculpture prize are welcome to visit for free.

If you do feel the urge to explore the gardens you will have to check in at reception and get tickets for the gardens. Please honour this arrangement so we can continue to offer free exhibitions on the grounds of the estate. Admission for the gardens and National Sculpture Prize provides crucial funding for the arts community and community and environmental conservation projects.

Exhibition Live until 10th April

Chaos in Paradise

In a world of progress, fast-paced social change and constant reinvention, utopia is in sight. Burrows’ art presents this societal hope through vivid colour palettes and intimate memories, which project beauty, despite the presence of chaotic darkness in the compositions. Burrows’ prolific experience of location scouting around the world is apparent in her paintings: she zooms in, freeze-frames that transient moment, exploring it through different combined perspectives. The result is artwork realised with a photographer’s astute eye for composition, which enhances Burrows’ impressions of nostalgia in vast surreal landscapes. Connection with our natural environment is more of a necessity than ever, Broomhill Estate is exploring ways to help to connect the local community with a symbiotic approach to conservational and garden projects. Burrows’ work embodies this ethos – “In a time of uncertainty’, disconnect and global precariousness, I am prompting a dialogue between living organisms, and the man-made, and exploring a parallel mutual interaction.”

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