paiting by judoth burrows using mixed media and oil on canvas, multiple scenes from one location shoot layered with rich autumnal hues

Judith Burrows

Lostness, Uncertainty, and Precarity, individual and collective, are the concerns of my painting practice. From global political concerns, to the imbalance of natural order and fast changing topography.

Fractured landscapes, empty streets, husks of buildings, glimpses of distant horizons stretching to infinity, reflect my fluctuating perception of the world in crisis and respond to memories of place, peoples, and a geography once photographed: altered states embracing notions of ‘Lostness’ and unpredictability.

As the structure of the earth’s surface responds to environmental change, it throws up apprehension. Lone figures in an incongruous terrain, human presence fumbling in the darkness searching for connection to deep spiritual memory, while walking towards the abyss.

Oil paintings on canvas are corrupted by liquid dripping in space. Re-appropriated lithography, stencils, letterpress and metal waste, shift viewpoint to beyond the surface while pigments from decaying steel and organic matter are an attempt to re-connect.

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