Firepit Brewery Beer Tasting

7.00pm - 9.30pm | Friday 4th February 2022

Hello to all lovers of craft ale!

“Craft ale tasting, one hell of a hearty ploughman’s, an insightful open brewing discussion and an all-round bloody good night”

Following the success of the last beer tasting session/open brewing discussion, Firepit brewery will be hosting another craft ale taster evening @ Broomhill Estate Friday (4th February 2022) at 7PM.

It will be a beer lovers dream come true. Sample half pints from 8 fantastic local beers, learn and talk about the art of brewing, and eat from a table laden with fresh breads, west country cheeses, homemade Paté and delicious chutneys.

You will have access to comfy seating with a personal table full of bottles of beer, cups of malt and hops and an exceptional plate of food. Finished your food? Help yourself, there will be plenty more!

If that wasn’t enough, the session is hosted in the beautiful Broomhill Art Hotel.

Price is £30 per person, but is reduced to £25 per person, when booking as two or more people. So, if you have a friend who loves beer just as much as you do, bring ’em along to save £10 between the two of you.


– Who should come, why, what will they learn, takeaways?

The session is aimed at people who are enthusiastic about beer and brewing in general. They should come to this session because there are no local beer tasting evenings that also incorporate a brewing talk and good food! They will learn about various local beers, the history of the breweries and how beer is made.

Structure of the Evening:

Meet and Greet
Guests arrive and will be greeted by Mike and myself. Ploughman’s food table will be set up at the side/back of the room for guest to help themselves straight away and throughout the session.

Mike will begin the slideshow presentation. This will be completely relaxed and open and all guests are encouraged to ask questions.

First Beer
After a brief introduction to brewing, we will ask the guests to open and taste their first beer. We will talk through the brewery, the style and the tasting notes and hopefully will get a good discussion going.

Second, Third, Fourth Beer
As the presentation and talk continues, we will make our way through each beer until the final one when the presentation will end. Guests are welcome to stay and chat and have more food!

£30 per head, or £25 if booking as a group of two or more people


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