Fermentation workshop

Saturday 17th September | 10am - 12.30pm

Saturday 17th September
£45 per person
10am  – 12.30pm

Fermentation is one of the oldest ways of preserving food and common in many cultures around the world. More recently we have discovered that fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, offer a healthy and natural way of incorporating gut-loving beneficial bacteria into your diet. A happy and healthy gut helps to support your immune system, your digestive system and your mental health.

In this workshop you’ll be exploring how to make tasty, tangy fermented vegetables in your own home using the ancient art of lacto-fermentation.

The ‘lacto’ part has nothing to do with milk; the term refers to a specific species of bacteria, namely Lactobacillus which have the ability to convert sugars into lactic acid. Lactic acid is a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Lacto-fermentation enhances the nutritive value of the food, and many enzymes and probiotics are created. You’ll learn how to do this safely and successfully at home.

We’ll be making two vegetable ferments using two different lacto fermentation processes – the ‘kraut’ method where we use salt to extract the juices from our vegetables and then ferment them in this salty juice.

We’ll also make a brine ferment where we ferment the vegetables in salty water. Vegetables, herbs and spices will be provided for you to create your own unique ferments. There will also be a selection of fermented vegetables for you to try.

You’ll leave with two ferments to nurture at home and the skills to successfully ferment any vegetable.

You will need to bring:

  • A large sharp kitchen knife and a smaller kitchen knife
  • A bag to carry your ferments home in
  • 2 x 1litre jars (kilner jars are best, but screw tops are fine to use too)*
  • Please feel free to bring veggies/herbs from your garden or allotment if you’d like to incorporate those

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