Spring Private View

Friday 8th April | 6pm - 10pm
Join us for a private view of the estate with new exhibitions and flavours from the kitchen. 
  • 6pm – 11pm | Exhibition live
  • 7pm  | Talk by Sophie Parkin “147 Women Dinner Party”
  • 7.30pm | Food, drinks, canapès 
‘147 Women Dinner Party’ | Sophie Parkin and Mandee Gage.

An exhibition of Devonshire motto ware, celebrating 147 under-recognised women who made modern Britain what it is. Click here for more information on 147 women dinner party

Chaos in Paradise’ | Judith Burrows 

A finissage of Burrows immersive exhibition set throughout the art hotel. A selection of brand new works will be on display for the evening, fresh from the studio. click here to find out more about ‘Chaos in Paradise’ 

‘Spring Collection’ 

Be one of the first to see some of the latest work from Broomhill associate artists including Emma Louise Moore, Loreal Prystaj, Tom Waugh, Mark Beattie, Tommy Fiendish, Ben Graham, Jonathan Michael Ray

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