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Refined Dining

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Serving seasonal, local food inspired by nature and garnished with passion.

From 1st September 2022

Breakfast | Daily 9 – 10am (Residents only)
Lunch |
Wed – Sun 12 – 3pm (last seating 14:30)
Dinner | Wed – Sun 6 – 11pm (last seating 8pm)

From time to time we host events, supper clubs and immersive dining experiences. Please look on our events page to find out what’s on and book your table. 

Broomhill Dining is at the beginning of a culinary adventure, we give our chefs the freedom to create new menus for each season and we are striving to grow as much as we can on the estate and become self sustainable.

Rules to cook by

Principles of the kitchen

Everything served at Broomhill Dining is seasonal; to us, that means from the ground, outdoors in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. This means that the produce is at its best and delivers amazing flavours to punctuate the dish. Anything we do use which is “out of season” will have been preserved, fermented, stored by us in our larder.

From plough to plate
Broomhill Estate has created its own farm in the grounds of the 103 acre estate. We are growing as much as we can for ourselves. Anything we don’t produce ourselves is sourced from within 50 miles of the estate, a radius which we will tighten as we progress.

Waste reduction
As a busy business we are striving towards reducing our waste. We would love to become carbon neutral and zero waste, one step along the journey in achieving this is using “waste products” and putting them to good use. Current strategies to minimise waste include: recycling our coffee grounds to grow mushrooms, composting for the farm, recycling oil, recycling jars and containers to reuse in our larder, sustainable takeaway products, recycling cardboard as planters for veg and we even use our natural spring to fill the toilets!

Alongside growing our own our dishes also include foraged ingredients such as; mushrooms, magnolia, hogweed, sorrel, nettles, cleavers, meadow sweet, herb bennet.

UNESCO Biosphere Member
Broomhill Estate is an accredited member of the UNESCO Biosphere project.Biosphere reserves promote solutions reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. They are learning areas for sustainable development under diverse ecological, social and economic contexts, touching the lives of more than 250 million people.

There are currently 727 biosphere reserves in 131 countries, including 22 transboundary sites, that belong to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Broomhill Dining
Inspired by nature
Inspirational flavours creating memories

Responsibly sourced, local produce

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Get married at Broomhill Estate

Broomhill Estate is a licensed wedding venue and you can book out the entire 103 acre estate for your special day including the sculpture park, 7 bed art hotel, annex properties, restaurant and lounges.

Start your love story at this sanctuary for fine art.

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