Ben Graham


Making something out of nothing

Ben has fully dedicated himself to his art practice since 2018 and has recently gone full time as a professional artist. His work often demonstrates great respect towards material, saving off-cuts and throw-away items, repurposing them as works of art to be enjoyed for years to come. 

He exhibits across the UK and Sweden, with work in collections across the globe.


Hemisphere I

The work is a truly three-dimensional sculpture as it can support itself in many positions and still appear intentional. The surface pattern effect created by the layers of wood accentuates the movement even more and the work appears to be fluid like drapery in motion.

Each piece of the Industrial Driftwood series is made from reclaimed plywood, if not reclaimed this material would have gone to landfill or been incinerated. Re-use and cherishing material is a fundamental part of the process in Ben Graham’s practice.

Reclaimed plywood
25cm x  22cm x 20cm



Industrial Driftwood - Raised Wall Piece

Reclaimed Plywood

40cm high
25cm wide
4cm deep

Each piece from the Industrial Driftwood series is made from reclaimed plywood that would have otherwise gone to landfil or been incinerated. This is a piece to be hung on a wall. It has an undulating form with deeper grooves and folds. This piece has 4 fixtures at the back so can be hung in any rotation.